As strong and durable as any building is when it’s first erected, time will eventually take its toll. Historical buildings can crumble, landmarks can lose some of their sheen, and houses can become inhabitable.

That’s why so many people, businesses, and councils are now realising the benefits of restoring buildings in the tradition of historical restoration to ensure that their properties remain as close to the original as they can. With the help of professional,experienced restorers, RW Masonry  can help you look forward to many more years of “life” from aged buildings and the number of people looking for sympathetic historical restoration is only increasing.

You are probably even aware of a few famous cases of restoration over the years. The iconic Stonehenge would look nowhere near as maintained as it is now if it wasn’t for preservation efforts, which started all the way back in 1901! The 4500 year-old Great Sphinx of Egypt still only stands in most of its glory thanks to restoration as well.

There are other obvious benefits to historical restoration rather than just cosmetic, though. Although it can be quite the project in of it itself to restore an old building close to its former glory, it’s typically a fraction of the costs of demolishing that same building and rebuilding it. Tools, materials, and a large workforce are all needed with a big build and will often involve escalating costs and time expenditure. Environmental conservationism is a huge factor as well, helping us to cut down on energy consumption as there won’t be as much construction equipment and machinery to leave its carbon footprint.

You also have to consider the cultural impact of historical preservation. Monetised landmarks are a huge part of some regional economies and can often draw in tourists, who will then in turn give back to the economy, too. Preserving landmarks and buildings is key to the culture of many towns, villages, and cities across the world.

If you have a property that has seen better days, it’s always worth conserving and repairing what you can. RW Masonry have developed expertise within the field of historical restoration through years of business to businesses and home owners across North Wales and Cheshire. These two areas in particular have some of the most significant historical landmarks throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.


We offer free consultation services, so if you want to conserve your own piece of history, be sure to get in touch.